Tips for your Driving Test Day

Tips for your Driving Test Day

In last week’s post, I highlighted the most important things that need to happen to set you up for success on your driving test. It gives you a breakdown of all you need to know to avoid wasting your time, energy and money on driving tests.

Hopefully, last week’s post was useful. In this post, I will be sharing with you tips to ensure that you and not your nerves are in control on the day of your practical driving test.

Here are 20 tips for your driving test day
  1. Ensure that you have had enough lessons
  2. Know all your maneuvers
  3. Revise your “show me tell me question s”
  4. Fully understand the test procedure. This can be found on here
  5. Dress comfortably
  6. Like every other test/exams; eat before the test
  7. Use the same car that you’ve learned with
  8. Take everything you need (provisional license, theory test result, etc.)
  9. Arrive on time, at least 15 minutes early so you can calm your nerves beforehand
  10. Give a positive first impression to the examiner
  11. Be as calm as you can
  12. Listen to the examiner and ask them to repeat the instructions if you’re not sure
  13. Make your mirror checks pronounced
  14. While driving look ahead and plan for the unpredictable
  15. Make conversation with the examiner if you want to but don’t let it distract your driving
  16. Ignore the notepad
  17. Don’t rush
  18. Give your 100% throughout the duration of your test
  19. stay positive throughout the test, even after a mistake
  20. Be confident

Most important tip: “DON’T HAVE YOUR DRIVING INSTRUCTOR IN THE CAR”. Want to know why? I’ll be doing a video to explain soon.

I hope these tips are helpful. Let me know which tips you find more useful and if I’ve missed any tip out, do let me know in the comments.

Till next week

Stay tuned xx

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