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Easy Spaghetti & Chicken Recipe

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Reading time: 3 minutes Recently, I have been compelling a list of my favourite meals. These meals are my favourite because they are quick and easy for me to make and they’re also healthy (obviously depending on how you eat). One of these recipes is the “Chicken & Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce”. Keep reading for how to make this delicious…

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Tomato & Sardines 2 minutes Noodles

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Reading time: 3 minutes A lot of the time, people opt into having 2 minutes noodles due to its hassle-free and quick preparation. In my previous post, I gave a recipe for making some tasty Vegetable & Frankfurters 2 minutes Noodles. As I stated previously, having 2 minutes noodles as a meal doesn’t have to be boring. There are ways…

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