How to: succeed with your driving test quickly

How to: succeed with your driving test quickly

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I finally passed my driving test after almost 2 years of learning to drive. I did my theory test on Oct 2017, then I started my driving lessons in Jan 2018. By August 2018, I did my first driving test which I failed with about 10 minors and 3 serious faults. I took a break from driving, restarted my lessons in Feb 2019, and then took my test on Sept. 2019 with only 3 weeks left to my theory test expiry. 

During this period, I learned to drive with 4 driving instructors and in 3 main areas (Hatfield, Welwyn, St. Albans area; Stevenage, Ware, Bishop Stortford area, and Enfield area). At some point, I bought a car which sold after a few months.

Ways to succeed with your driving test

  • Learn when you’re younger: driving when you’re young has several advantages. When you’re young, you have little or no responsibility apart from school, fewer commitments, more than enough time on your hands to take driving lessons plus you hardly have to worry about driving lesson costs as your parents will pay for it or help you with most of the cost.

The older you get, the more responsibility you have and so if you decide to learn how to drive and getting your license when you’re older, it becomes much more difficult. This means that getting your license when you work full time is more difficult compared to when you’re in college or university. Let’s not forget that you’ll also have to pay for the cost of your driving lessons yourself which will be considerably more expensive compared to when you’re a few years younger.

When I was 17, I took part in a driving experience for young people. Most council areas in the UK offer this and they usually last for up to a week after which you can start your driving lessons. I would recommend this as it teaches you the basics in driving, boosts your driving confidence, and helps you to understand what to expect when driving. So even before you start tasking actual driving lessons, you’re equipped to drive.

how to pass your driving test fast

  • Find a good instructor: this is one of the most important things if you want to pass your driving lesson as soon as you can. Search for driving instructors in your area. The closer the driving instructor is to your area the better. There are so many ways to find a driving instructor, you can type in “driving instructors in my area” or “driving schools in my area” on your search engine and this will give you a list of driving instructors and schools closer to your home. Call the instructors or respective driving schools and let them know that you’re interested in learning to drive with them.

When inquiring about each driving instructor/ schools, you should be asking the following questions: 

– Location

– Automatic or manual

– How many lessons they can offer per week (does this meet your demand?)

– Price

– Request to do a one-hour taster session where you can access the driving instructor and they can access you in turn (are they patient, tolerant, understanding? Do they teach well?)

After the taster session, you might want to ask the driving instructor for a guide to how many lessons you might need in total. Save towards this and more if you can.

  • Money: apparently an average driving lessons a person can pass is 30 hours. Before you start your driving lessons, try to save up some money for a considerable amount of lessons.
  • Intensive courses: these are a quick way to pass your driving tests. They are most effective when you have enough time so that you could take back to back lessons.

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  • Be consistent: do back to back lessons if you can afford it. This will help you learn quickly as you build on and perfect your driving on fresh information as opposed to having to remember what you learned a week or two ago before progressing.
Driving Test Checklist: Checklist to ace your driving test
  • Learn the basics: the basics to everything is essential. This applies to driving too!
  • Be confident and believe in yourself: you know yourself more than anyone if you feel that you are ready to take your test. Go for it, don’t let anyone discourage you and not even your driving instructor. Remember that this is their business and for most of them rely on this for all income and if they can keep you paying for longer, then they will especially if they’re a selfish driver.
  • Always ask questions if you don’t understand no matter how stupid the question might be.
  • Read your highway codebook
  • Be attentive
  • Make notes 
  • Be calm 

Is your driving test coming up soon, see my top tips to succeed on your driving test day!

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