Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Reading Time: 3 minutes It was International Women’s Day last week Sunday 8th March and if you did not know, the theme for the campaign was #EachforEqual. The theme touched upon Gender equality and Collective Individualism. See International Womens Day for more! With all individual of the female gender being celebrated through International Women’s Day, we still must especially celebrate our…

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Announcement & Thank You 😊

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Hello beautiful people. I hope you’ve had a wonderful week. If not, never mind, it’s the weekend so you can rest! First off thank you everyone! We hit 1k on Instagram last week. I’m so grateful to you all and I love you all for your support, encouragement and of course all the likes and comments and sharing. Let’s hit…

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New Year’s Resolution: tips and tricks to set yourself up for success

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Reading time: 5 minutes It has become a tradition that at the start of every New Year, people make resolutions. You’ll often hear people say “my New Year’s resolution is this” and “my New Year’s Resolution is that”. Most times, these resolutions are related to achieving a healthy lifestyle and almost nothing else.  Now, I used to be among these…

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Tips for your Driving Test Day

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In last week’s post, I highlighted the most important things that need to happen to set you up for success on your driving test. It gives you a breakdown of all you need to know to avoid wasting your time, energy and money on driving tests. Hopefully, last week’s post was useful. In this post, I will be sharing with…

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How to transition from summer to autumn

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1Marks & Spencer Leather Jacket
2Primark Men's T-shirt

Reading time: 3 minutes So whether we like it or not, summer is gone. However, autumn is here. Don’t be deceived by the occasional sunshine that we’ve seen over the autumn weeks. On one of these sunny days, I decided that wearing a long-sleeved blouse would be enough to keep me warm with no jacket. Well, it turned out that…

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Realities Series: Appreciation + How to Show Appreciation

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Reading time: 3 minutes Hello, my lovelies, It’s been a while since I’ve done a post on the Realities series. Background on my Realities Series Back in 2017, I started the Realities Series which I did every week. However, due to several reasons, I stopped in 2018 but now Realities is back. The only difference is that it won’t be…

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5 ways to wear black this summer/fall season

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1Whatever forever t-shirt
2Boohoo leather look skater mini skirt
3Primark waist bag
4F&F block heel boots

Reading time: 3 minutes   We’re getting close to the fall season. However, we are technically still in the summer season. Normally, people don’t wear black in the summer. Wearing black in the summer is fine, especially now since spring is seriously approaching.     Do you ever wonder why people wear mostly white or bright clothing in the summer?…

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