Sponsored Giveaway: White Calling For International Calls

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Reading time: 3 minutes  Are you an international student, an exchange student, a migrant or anyone else whose got family members or loved ones abroad, then get in here! I’ve partnered with White Calling to gift one lucky person up to 500 minutes of talk time (depending on location) to their loved ones abroad. That is £30 worth of free…

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Skincare 101: How to build a skincare routine (Adding Extras)

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Reading time: 5 minutes A few weeks ago, in my previous blog post and YouTube video; I explained how to build a skincare routine focussing on the basis. However, in this blog post, I’ll be explaining how to add other products into your basic skincare routine. This will enable you to achieve that healthy, clear skin you crave faster. In…

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Skincare 101: Best Skincare Ingredients

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Reading time: 5 minutes When it comes to skincare products, it is important to know what ingredients the product contains and their benefits for your skin. Every skincare product will list the ingredients that have been included in the product. In most cases, brands will showcase the ingredients they believe will help to sell the product. For instance, if a…

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4 Major Benefits of Coconut Oil

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Reading time: 2 minutes Have you ever wondered why coconut oil is considered healthy and a “super-food” in comparison to other oils? In this very short post, I’ll be giving you the 4 major benefits of coconut oil. Without further ado, the benefits of coconut oils include these below. Related post: Uses of Coconut Oil at Home 4 Major benefits of…

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Uses of Coconut Oil at Home

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Reading time: 1 minute Unlike other oils, coconut oil is very versatile. From being edible as food to its usage for health purposes to its usage in beauty. When purchasing coconut oil for use, it’s is advisable to stick to “raw”, “extra virgin”, “pure”, “non processed” coconut oil. As these are the coconut oils that have no preservatives or additives…

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Skincare 101: How to Build a Basic Skincare Routine

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Reading time: 3 minutes  When it comes to the skin, it is important to ensure that one is consistently using products that would work for them. To achieve this, it is important to build a skincare regime personalized for one’s skin based on several factors including their skin type and skincare needs. This allows the user to properly take care…

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Easy Spaghetti & Chicken Recipe

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Reading time: 3 minutes Recently, I have been compelling a list of my favourite meals. These meals are my favourite because they are quick and easy for me to make and they’re also healthy (obviously depending on how you eat). One of these recipes is the “Chicken & Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce”. Keep reading for how to make this delicious…

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